Kent Ridge Secondary School - Overseas Learning Journeys

History and Cultural Immersion Programme to Beijing
The four-day History and Cultural Immersion Programme to Beijing, China is organised by the Humanities Department for Secondary 3 and 4 students. Students visit the Great Wall of China, the Anti-Japanese Museum and the National Museum of Beijing to deepen their understanding of historical events and issues which are part of the History curriculum. This also provides the opportunity for experiential learning, where students relate what they have learnt in the classroom to a real-life environment. Besides experiencing the landscape, place and people first-hand, Kent Ridgeans also volunteer at a school for the children of migrant workers.
This immersion programme has helped students to acquire 21st century skills such as critical thinking and having global awareness. Students also deepen their social and emotional learning as they learn to cultivate empathy during their interaction with the migrant children.

STARChef Service Learning Trip to Hanoi
A group of sixteen STARChef students accompanied by two teachers and their culinary trainer visited Hanoi, Vietnam for a six-day Service Learning trip in May 2012.


The aim of the trip was to nurture voluntarism in the students, who taught the Vietnamese children some local recipes which they learnt during their weekly STARChef lessons, and interacted with the children. During the trip, our members immersed themselves in Vietnamese culture and gained a deeper appreciation of their lives in Singapore




Shanghai Twinning Programme


Kent Ridge Secondary School established a twinning programme with Shanghai No. 4 Secondary School in 2007, as part of the school’s thrust on equipping students with a global outlook, bilingualism and cross-cultural communication skills.


In this annual week-long programme, Kent Ridgeans experience first-hand the local lifestyle as they are hosted by their Chinese buddies and their families. They are introduced to the rich history, cultures and traditions of China through visits to famous historical landmarks and activities such as calligraphy.


Kent Ridgeans come away from this trip not only with enhanced cultural awareness but having learnt the importance of forging cross-cultural ties through their friendships with their Chinese peers. In addition, the trip also provides our students with a new perspective on their lives as Singaporeans and a newfound appreciation for their own country and culture.




Surabaya Service Learning Trip
The service learning trip to Surabaya is organised annually as an incentive trip for Secondary 3 Normal (Technical) students to encourage and affirm good conduct. It aims to instil character development, leadership skills and to promote global awareness. Students cultivate generosity and empathy through their interaction with village children in carrying out the service learning project.


The students have found the trip immensely rewarding as they discover new talents and strengths about themselves and for those for whom it is their first trip outside Singapore, the exciting memories of their first overseas trip stay with them for a long time to come.