School-Family Education Talks

We would like to inform you that as part of our continual efforts to provide a holistic education for our students, our school has joined the Family Matters which is initiated by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). Family Matters adopts a holistic family learning model – equipping parents with effective parenting skills to enhance their family life. The parent-child relationship has much impact on the child’s academic achievements and their development into socially adept individuals with positive life skills.   We will be organising various talks cum family bonding activities which aim to allow parents to better understand their children and to foster better parent-child relationship. We urge you to take full advantage of these programmes so as to richly reap the rewards of building up a strong family unit with your child. As part of the school’s outreach efforts to parents, we also organise the ‘Breakfast with Principal’ sessions. This session serves as a platform for the school to better engage all of you parents in the education of your child in an informal setting.   Given below are details of the parenting talks that will be conducted in Term 3: Date Title of Talks Speaker Time/ Venue 18 July 14 (Friday) Breakfast with P: Sec 1 Parents Mrs Anba 7.45 am – 9 am Library Parenting Talk 1: Forming Good Habits In Your Child Habits are learned patterns of behaviour that is form from repetitive practice. Children have all sorts of habits, usually done automatically. When you want to change an unwanted behaviour, it helps to first understand why your child is doing it. Children form new habits much more easily than an older person. Therefore a young child is all the more teachable, and can more easily learn good habits. Parents can tell guide their children who struggle with habits, and how to teach good ones and how to remove the bad ones. Mr Byran Tan 9 am – 12 pm Library Parenting Talk 2: Raising Motivated Kids Parents often find it a challenge to get their teens motivated, primarily due to a lack of awareness and clarity to their own potential as well as direction in life. To be motivated, parents need to first help them discover themselves. The guidance they receive or lack of may help or curb them from reaching their potential. Ms Charis Patrick 9 am – 12 pm Learn@KR 22 Aug 14 (Friday) Breakfast with P: Sec 2 Parents Mrs Anba 7.45 am – 9 am Library Parenting Talk 1: Managing Peer Influence, Pressure & Relationship How does Peer Pressure affect our child/teen? What is bad peer pressure vs positive peer pressure? What can parents do when children experienced negative peer pressure? How can parents build a strong foundation in their children to help them resist negative peer pressure? Mr Michael Chua 9 am – 12 pm Library Parenting Talk 2: Confident Parenting Parenting is indeed one of the most tedious, challenging and rewarding job of all times. With rapid changes and upheavals going around us, how do we stay strong and confident in our role as parents today? Confident parenting looks into the inner recesses of our hearts and checking/clearing out the negative emotions. It also explores the positive ones that we can put in, boundaries that we can put up and communication patterns that we put out in order to better connect on a deeper level with our children. Other areas that will be covered in this workshop are understanding and appreciating the changes and challenges, both in our teens and in us today, and last but not least, learning how to let go without guilt and frenzy. Ms Agnes Tan 9 am – 12 pm Learn@KR

Open House 2013

23 November 2013, Saturday, 8:30 am to 2:00 pm

N.E.mation! Competition: Top 10

N.E.mation! N.E.mation! is a competition for youths to express their notions on Total Defence through animation organised by Nexus. The students work in teams to describe their understanding of Total Defence through story creation techniques and animation through Stop Motion and Digital 2D workshops. This year Kent Ridgeans have currently made to the top 10 of the competition and will be working during the year end holidays for the final stage of the competition.