National Day Celebration 2015

National Day Celebration 2015 - Majulah Singapura, Our Golden Jubilee         
The proud Kent Ridgeans and their families who have participated in the National Day observance ceremony at the West Coast. Participants at the ceremony also sang the National Anthem and recited the pledge to show their great and strong support to their beloved nation.           

Literature Showcase 2015

The first GCE ‘O’ Level Pure Literature class was set up in 2010, and since then, it has been an annual tradition for the ‘O’ Level class to perform a dramatisation of one of their texts during an Assembly slot.   This showcase allows students to gain deeper insights into their texts, to enhance understanding of characterisation and themes, and to better appreciate the performance aspect of the play they are studying.   Students have always enjoyed their experience in this showcase where they are given the platform to build confidence and presentation skills, nurture creativity, lead their peers and work in a team. Year after year, the showcase is performed to a rousing reception from the whole-school audience.   Here's the performance from today during the Assembly Programme.       

SG50 HOME e-book

HOME, a commemorative e-book, is a SG50 birthday gift to Singapore from our students. All primary, secondary, junior college, special education school students have contributed their reflections to this e-book, ‘SG50 Reflections: Our Hopes and Memories (HOME)’. Through videos, photographs, artwork and poems, students reflect on our past 50 years of nationhood as well as their aspirations for Singapore as we look to the future with confidence. The SG50 HOME e-book is available to the public. Readers can download the e-book for free by searching ‘SG50 HOME’ in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Readers may also view a web version of the e-book at

Principal’s interview on Schoolbag

At a loss as to how to connect with your kids?    Mrs Anba Saroja, our Principal, who is also an educator of 25 years and a mother of two, offers a few tips to help parents close the communication gap with their children on "SchoolBag - The Education News Site". You can read the article via this link! -