President’s Award for Teachers 2013: Mdm Lim Chye Ling

Mdm Lim Chye Ling (HOD Normal Course) President’s Award For Teachers 2013   Mdm Lim Chye Ling, HOD Normal Course, was conferred the nation’s highest award for teaching, the President’s Award for Teachers, by President Tony Tan, at the Istana, on 6 September 2013, Teachers’ Day.   Mdm Lim, who has been a teacher at Kent Ridge for 13 years, oversees the CCE (Character and Citizenship Education) curriculum and teaches English Language. She is a teacher who has a special way with the students under her charge, in particular, students in the Normal Stream. She has won the affection and respect of all her students through believing in each and every one of them and encouraging them to believe in themselves and to aspire. She is committed to guiding and nurturing the whole child, sparing no effort in reaching out to even the most challenging students and turning them around. To her students, she is more than a teacher, but a mentor, friend and trusted confidante. To her colleagues, Mdm Lim is a role model and someone who inspires all of us to reach for the stars. To Kent Ridge, Mdm Lim is very simply, a star!   ______________________________________________________________________________   Mdm Sujeetha Margarita Brampy (HOD Student Development) President’s Award For Teachers 2012, Finalist   Mdm Sujeetha was one of the twelve finalists for the President’s Award for Teachers 2012.   Mdm Sujeetha, HOD Student Development, is a pillar of Kent Ridge Secondary School. She is instrumental in conceptualising and planning the many programmes in the school which nurture Kent Ridgeans’ holistic development and infuse the teaching of values. She is committed to ensuring the emotional well-being of every Kent Ridgean through the Pastoral Care initiatives and has been a vital influence in shaping the culture of care that defines Kent Ridge. Mdm Sujeetha is also an outstanding teacher of Principles of Accounts whose classes have consistently produced stellar results that have surpassed the national average in both passes and distinctions.   ______________________________________________________________________________   Mr Chan Kar Hong (Senior Teacher / Year Head) Caring Teacher Award 2010 – Secondary School Level   This award recognises teachers who are dedicated to nurturing every child holistically and inculcating the right values in them.   Mr Chan goes the extra mile for his students, particularly in the provision of pastoral care.  His belief in providing a holistic education for his students through the inculcation of values is manifested in the time and effort he spends in counselling students, in particular, those from low socio-economic backgrounds and those in need of individual attention. His stern and gruff demeanour belie his deep care and concern for students. He is able to reach out to all students, earning their respect and affection. He is a friend and mentor who connects with them and instils in them the importance of self-belief, discipline and perseverance.   ______________________________________________________________________________   Miss Karen Kang (HOD English Language and Literature) Inspiring Teacher Of English Award 2010   This award recognises teachers of English and Literature who are passionate about making English relevant to their students and who use innovative methods to engage them.   Miss Kang is passionate about Language and Literature and about enthusing students in their learning of the language. She believes in the importance of developing students’ critical faculties and her classrooms are lively affairs where dialogue, discussions and argument are the order of the day. She holds dear the importance of speaking well and communicating clearly, and employs tools such as debating and oral presentations to develop students’ confidence and communication skills. She is a motivating influence on her students, infecting them with her enthusiasm and inspiring them to emulate her high standards.  

N.E.mation! Competition: Top 10

N.E.mation! N.E.mation! is a competition for youths to express their notions on Total Defence through animation organised by Nexus. The students work in teams to describe their understanding of Total Defence through story creation techniques and animation through Stop Motion and Digital 2D workshops. This year Kent Ridgeans have currently made to the top 10 of the competition and will be working during the year end holidays for the final stage of the competition.