14th Annual Awards Day

Kent Ridge Secondary School’s 14th Annual Awards Day cum National Day Celebrations - It was a fun-filled day of celebrating our Nation's birthday together. We sang many National day songs and our students' talents were showcased.                                                  

Opening Ceremony for "Make it Right at The Light house!"

A place for students to pop by after school to engage in meaningful and wholesome activities.        

West Coast CC NDP Dinner

Our dancers performed at West Coast CC national day dinner performance on 2 August 2014! We are very proud of their energetic and dynamic performance for the community.          

Racial Harmony Day!

Racial Harmony Day (RHD) was commemorated by KRSS on 21 July 2014. 

The RHD celebrations are a reminder that promoting social cohesion and racial harmony requires collaborative efforts from our educators, students and stakeholders, including parents.

In conjunction with our Racial Harmony Day celebration, we have a showcase of our colourful and eye-catching fashion parade.